some of the ellements supplied to the designer along with the album art This is some of the artwork I created for Erik Brandt's new solo album “Sometimes.” At left is the cover image along with a few of the elements I supplied to the albums designer. Below are samples of the illustrations I created for each of the songs on the album.

Most of the imagery was drawn with ink on paper and then scanned into the computer for tweaking, cleaning, and a little manipulation. A few of the pieces were then converted to vector graphics so they would be easy for the designer to work with. All of the files were then handed off to the designer at Studio On Fire to be assembled into the finished album’s design.

The album was created over the course of a year Erik spent in Hungary. The tree is from a park his family frequented while they were there. The rest of the artwork is based off of thoughts I associated with the songs. Over a period of one month I sketched and listened to the album. My goal in the imagery was to capture the feel of the music and to touch on the content of the lyrics in each song. On several occasions I met with Erik and the albums designer to show them my sketches and get input on how they felt about the direction I was taking the album visually. My hope is that in doing this I was able to better unify the individual efforts of all the artists involved.
A dancing pig with a banner that reads ‘if it ain’t broke don't fix it’ A jumble of locks with words written on a few that when read together say ‘fumbling at the locks’ The side of the road on a starry desert night; a guitar leans against a sign that reads ‘rambling round’