The front cover or Youngster Parade with Illustrations by Eloise Brandt
Keep Your Hands On The Plow is the second cover I have drawn for Charlie Parr. The image holds up well as a CD cover, but owners of the record will enjoy the detail of the line work and the sprightly toes on the skeleton. Charlie is a great musician and it is rewarding to start with great material as the motivation for an image.

The design and printing of Keep your Hands on the Plow was done by Noisland in Minneapolis. House of Mercy Recordings produced the album.
The design of the CD
The first cover I drew for Charlie Parr was Glory In The Meeting House. This was a 2 color Letterpress illustration designed to take advantage of transparent inks. Jeremy at Studio on Fire did a great job both in the color mixing and in making the impressions in a contemporary manner. You can feel the impression of the plates when you hold the CD jacket in your hands.

I did the illustration and design work for Glory in the Meeting House, Studio On Fire did the printing, and Noisland pressed and printed the CD's. House of Mercy Recordings produced the album.
a closeup of the fine letterpress printing done at Studio On Fire